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Dog Activities

Best Friend Pet Centre offers boarding kennel facilities of high standard for your dog. For their own protection, all dogs must have a current C5 vaccination.

Safe and secure sleeping quarters, outdoor and undercover day run opening onto a large play area ensuring plenty of daily exercise.

Standard kennel runs consist of an enclosed sleeping area with an outdoor run area. The sleeping area contains a trampoline style bed for their comfort.

You are welcome to bring personal bedding and toys to enhance your dogs stay. The run is covered to protect your dog from the sun and rain.

Each run opens to a large play area so we can ensure that all dogs get plenty of daily exercise.

Additional group play session are also available. Fresh drinking water is provided to all kennels. Music is played in the kennels, dogs favour easy listening music.

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After checking in, dogs are shown to their kennel where they are given the necessary time needed to settle in and become accustomed to the centre environment.

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Each morning all kennels are cleaned. Dogs are allocated to play areas while cleaning is conducted.

Where possible we prefer group play as this allows the dogs to socialise with other dogs and have a great time.

Dogs are matched for size and temperament. If your dog cannot socialise with other dogs, this is all right, individual play is accommodated for.

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We feed a premium quality biscuit with cooked chicken meat. Special dietary needs can be accommodated for a minimal fee.

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Other activities available include petting sessions, brushing sessions, play sessions and gourmet delicacies. Please check our Fees and Activities page for pricing.

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